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A Short Story by Adrian Wilson.

Abandon hope all ye who enter here,  I am about to take you back in time to before the very start of time itself.  Well what did exist before the start of time, first of all lets look at the concept of the start of time,  time itself cannot begin unless there is something to measure it against, a child cannot be measured against time until they arrive on this earth and are born, in the same manner the universe could not be measured against time itself until it was created.  So what did exist in this mythical vacuum before time itself, very little would be an understatement, except for three spirits.  These Spirits did not have any recognisable form and could in no way be considered human as the human life form was way, way up in the future and time itself had not even started ticking.  These beings or Spirits had intelligence and in all probability occupied vast areas of emptiness that we could only comprehend as being mega light years across,  Drifting aimlessly in a mega vacuum often provoked interaction they were as I said intelligent and also sexual but not in the manner we understand sexuality.  It is believed on of these entities was of some kind of female form, as she as I will refer to the Spirit would often race through the other two spirits, frantically and repeatedly for a long time periods,  not having any definitive form it was possible for one spirit to pass through another with no apparent effect.  However this process of transition through one another did present a problem.  A small piece of the female spirit form became detached and dropped off,  in the frantic rushes of transitions the loose entity also combined with a part of its spirit host to form a new spirit, more by accident than anything else. So we now have four spirits one of which could now be accurately be described as a chip off the old block.  Did these Spirits have names well yes we have




and finally  Belshar,  the chip off the old block that was destined to present some serious problems in the not to distant future.


Ok so we now have four Spirits floating around,  how could that be connected to the creation of the universe,  when you have the combination that existed then of three intelligent forms and one loose cannon, that is a recipe for trouble,  as I said these spirits could only be measured in light years across,  and when they move everything moves with them,  and now they had an agitator who was to be named Belshar a restless spirit who could not accept things for what they were and would often upset the apple cart just to see what was underneath.  The constant turmoil started the remaining three Spirits rotating around one another to relieve the burden of coping with Belshar,  this rotation became faster and faster until they created a whirlwind and produced what we now would call a "White Hole"  ( Reference BBC's The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Episode three ).

The whirlwind created now started to have an effect, as you have a Black Hole that will absorb hue quantities of the Universe and even consume entire Galaxies,  we had the very opposite effect where a colossal galactic whirlwind was now starting to create matter and spew it out into what was a vacuum but now being transformed into an area of tremendously hot gasses belching out and cooling over millions of years.  These gasses cooled and combined to form new elements,  the elements combined to form structures, and from small pieces of rock to larger planets all reacting with one another and often with the inevitable cataclysmic explosions that would shake the entire universe.  This was a volatile time in the History of Creation,  and on thankfully we were not around to witness,  a single breath of air if you coulkd find any would result in your lungs being fried to a crisp,  survival we not on the cards for any carbon life forms and perhaps just as well.  

Over Eons of time the structure of the Universe settled into a more recognisable form, and for structure, Infrastructure was created.  Elements were now combining with themselves and the structures were now taking shape as planets and the more volatile elements combined and forming Suns, light had been created out of a furnace of chaos and into the building blocks were see now as the universe.



Sherwood Forest NVC  plans are now with Newark and Sherwood Council  Our objection runs to 5,500 words over 34 pages  CLICK HERE to READ


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